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"Politics (from Greek: Πολιτικά, politiká, 'affairs of the cities') is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations among individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status"

World Warfare & Economics will have a unique and realistic politics mechanics for players who really desire for it.
Politics mechanic is an optional mod where players can disable\enable before starting a new game.

Each country in World Warfare & Economics will has its own unique election system and regulations related to politics, as well their national assembly (parliament).


When choosing to play with politics, you will have to monitor constantly your relations with other political parties, your relation with other parties is very important for gain politic stability which will help corruption and popularity in your country.
When other parties are having large support toward the president, the president will be able to pass more laws, policies and budget changing with the support of his allies parties.


One thing that is more important than everything else related to political parties is their ideologies.
Each political party will follow their own ideologies so when you want to modify a law that is not fit with political party ideology this party will not support your law/decision no matter what is their support rate and your relationship.


Political parties can maintain the following ideologies:
Capitalism, Socialism, Environment, Militarism, Liberalism, Conservatives, Democracy, Dictatorship, Economics, Religious and Nationalism.


With parties ideologies each country will have its own unique progress, countries with parties that support liberalism will make more progress through liberalism policies than conservative policies (will take effect even if playing without politics).


To increase your support with other parties or making new election promises - player will need to have high political influence.
Each action related to policy have political influence cost.
Political influence are increase monthly, the increment rate is the average support from all your political parties.
For example if your parties average support is 55% you will gain 0.55 political influence each month.
Political influence is capped to 10 in order to simulate more realistic world - this can be changed through the console command.


Every few years (depend on country law related) each country will have an election (assuming the country is democratic with elections).

When playing with politics you will need to win election each time in order to continue the game - if you lose the election the game will end (you can still continue through console command).
So you will need to be extra careful before any action you made, because every action can heavily infect your political influence and stability. 

You can win elections by:
Promises related to each sector, marketing campaign (including propaganda) and some illegal ways (media hacking, election bias, etc.)


Promises need to be kept in order to gain political stability and influence, if you make promises which you wont keep you will lose stability and popularity, which cause you to probably lose the next elections because people wont take you seriously.


Players can change the election system, years in power and even make a complete transformation through dictatorship country.
This kind of action will have heavy effects on your relationship with other democratic countries - they will disconnect all diplomatic relations with you and some of them may even break a war with you if they will feel like you will threaten them.

EVERY DESICION (player or AI) in the game will have effect on 220 countries across the world so after every decision players will start seeing the consequences to each decision. 


I would be really glad to hear your opinion and feedbacks so please feel free to ask, share and make your feedback in the comments or in one of the game communities.
Thank you for reading it,

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