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Hello !

My name is Lotous21 and im the developer behind World Warfare & Economics.
World Warfare & Economics been in development for almost three years now - i start develop it because the lack of depth exist in this type of games (and lack of strategy games in the modern era).

Ive never imagined to have such big community before release and without any marketing budget !

World Warfare & Economics has now entered the last phase of development before alpha testing will release (we hoping to launch alpha testing around November this year).

While the development process is going ive managed to find two incredible people who really believe in me and the huge potential of this game and together we starting our own gaming studio called Okron Studio that will operate in the US.

With the help of a studio we will be able to market our game and develope a far more polish and more detailted game !

Those of you who already in the game Discord server has already share their ideas and feedback and many of them are already implemented into the game !

I know that together with the help of the community I can adapt, improvise, overcome, and create the game we all want to play !

After a request of one of the discord member to start a dev diary i decided to so to share more information about the game instead of just releasing screenshots once in a while.



The most important thing for a country is to have a stable economy, with stable economy countries can gain world influence, military power and become a worldwide superpower.
World Warfare & Economics will present very highly detailed economy with all the major sturcture that create stable economies - Inflation rates, consuming prices, interest rates, currencies stength, stock markets, trades and a lot more.


As in real life World Warfare & Economics will have all sectors that exists: Health, Security, Education, Research, Welfare, Sports, Toursim, Housing, Transportation, Enviorment, Media and Leisure.


Player will be able to modify each sector by building\dismantle facilities, modify laws and activate\deactivate policies related. Each sector will have is own unique structure to follow, so Health sector will have sickness rate that calculated by the level of treatment your country capable to provide the citizens and by your country pollution. 

You can increase your manpower with each sector by building dedicated facilities,
For example: health universities to produce more doctors.


Players will need to fulffil sectors demands, each sector will demand different type of things.
Education will demand school seats to have higher education score.
In order to fulfil each sector demands each sector will have his own facilities that the player will need to increase to fulfil the demands of the sector.

While the economy is decreasing and losing stability player can dismantle some facilites to decrease the budget and expenses.



Currency is the physical money in an economy, comprising the coins and paper notes in circulation.
All 180 currencies in the world will be presented in World Warfare & Economics, currencies have value range (0-100) while 100 is the most powerful currecny in the world.
Players can increase their currecny value by stabilize their inflation rate, high inflation rate oscillation will cause currencies value to decrease just as in real life.
Player can also create moneatry unions to implement one currency for multiple countries (like the Euro) in that case currecny value will be calculated by the average infaltion rates of the countries who use this currency.



In order to increase country revenues and incomes player can change various of taxes within the country. 
Taxes have major impact on citizens happiness and cost of living so player should be very careful before changing any tax or else the player will face serious consequences such as riots, strikes and more.

Taxes are also major part of the migration mechanics, if you want to increase your population and wish to attract more citizens worldwide you need low taxes so citizens will actaully earn more money while staying at your country.
Taxes are changed through votes in democratic countries, so in order to pass taxes votes - taxes need to be compatible with other political parties ideolgies.


Thank you for reading it and being part of the community !
Feel free to share your ideas and feedbacks here in the comments or in one of the game communities.

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