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"Space exploration is investigation, by means of crewed and uncrewed spacecraft, of the reaches of the universe beyond Earth's atmosphere and the use of the information so gained to increase knowledge of the cosmos and benefit humanity"

In World Warfare & Economics you can explore the space using space probes, rovers and crewed missions toward planets across the universe.

Space is built in a 3D environment so players can actually see ongoing missions in space.


Space Agencies

Each country will operate its own space agency (that can be part of international space agencies),
Every space agency contains Engineers, Scientists, Astronauts, Observatories, Satellites and Launch pads.

In order to improve your space agency players will need to build and upgrade facilities such as Observatories, Launch pads and Satellites, also every space mission requires Astronauts so players will need to invest in Astronaut training to produce more Astronauts to launch more missions simultaneously.

Observatories can help with predicting and preventing natural disasters and also increase your space technologies research.


Planets & Missions

In a new game players will have the entire solar system available to research as known to mankind.
Each planet has an exploration rate so when reaching 100% exploration rate of a planet means you studied and learned everything that was available to learn on the planet.

Crewed missions must be sent to a planet to reach 100% exploration rate.
The first countries that reached 100% exploration rate of a planet will gain world influence and space technologies breakthroughs, and the first country will win the planet space race.

Planets also have resources that can be gained by building mining facilities on those planets - that way when resources start to end on earth you can go to space.

Each successful mission will add to the planet exploration rate, while there are missions requiring a minimum exploration rate to launch.

Players can send Orbiters, Rovers, Mines and Crewed spacecraft to increase exploration rate and win space races.


Space races

"The space race was a series of competitive technology demonstrations between the United States and the Soviet Union, aiming to show superiority in spaceflight"


World Warfare & Economics will implement space races for every planet in the game,

The first country to reach 100% exploration rate will win the planet space race.

Space races participation gives countries world influence and more honorable status within other countries,
Space races can also start rivalry between countries (even allies).


Explore the unknown

After fully explore the solar system, countries will start to explore further galaxies and planets,

Some galaxies will be controlled by alien factions where you will need to make diplomacy with them in order to send missions toward their planets, sending spacecrafts to hostile galaxies will cause spacecrafts to be attacked by alien spaceships.

Try not to anger those aliens too much - if you do they might send a massive attack to earth and will destroy all humankind !

In the game Sci-Fi DLC players will be able to have a space army and fight with alien factions - Players will be able to puppet other aliens factions and unite all humankind toward a massive war against hostile aliens and much more improvement and features regarding space.


I would be really glad to hear your opinion and feedbacks so please feel free to ask, share and make your feedback in the comments or in one of the game communities.
Thank you for reading it,

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