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"War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces"

As a president of a country players will need to manage their army by manufacture new units, research new military technologies, building and upgrading military bases and much more.

In order to make war and military action more accessible World Warfare & Economics will have four terrain masks: Air, Land, Navy and Missiles.

Each mask will set all clickable infrastructures and units visible and available for selection, that's way you wont need to see unnecessary units on map. 

All units & infrastructures can be multiple selected by dragging the middle mouse to give more easy way to send massive forces across the globe.



In order to send land units to defense \ attack provinces across the globe players will need to create new division.

Divisions can contain all type of land units (artillery, soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles and missile launchers) - so you can create a massive force power with single object on map.​​

Divisions contain 6 attributes:
HP, Attack, Speed, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Missiles fire rate (if missiles launchers are in the division).

Each division has an efficiency attribute that can be gained by training divisions, higher divisions efficiency make divisions to perform better in battles.

Division also consume fuel and logistics, that means countries will need enough resources to support your army,
If country have negative fuel \ logistics no more divisions can be deployed and be trained.

Divisions can have air squadrons escort attached in order to protect divisions from aerial attacks and give close air support to the division in battle.



"an operational unit in an air force consisting of two or more flights of aircraft and the personnel required to fly them"​

In order to have air squadrons countries will need to build air bases, each air base contain different air squadrons,
Players can select multiple air bases in order to send multiple squadrons across the globe.

Air bases can be upgraded to increase their capacity and HP.

Air squadron contain 8 attributes:
HP, Maneuver, Speed, Interception, Electronic warfare, Bombing, Missiles capacity and Range.

Squadrons can be sent further than they range but will get penalty to their attributes.

Squadron also has an efficiency attribute that can be gained by training, higher efficiency make squadrons more accuracy for bombing and dogfights.

Squadrons can be merged, trained, bomb infrastructures, give close air support to land divisions, intercept provinces skies (dogfights) and bombing mass destruction missiles. 



In the modern era the most intermediating force are missiles, they can cause severe damages to infrastructures as well to the population. 

In World Warfare & Economics there are 7 different missiles type: Air missiles, Land missiles, Navy missiles, Ballistics missiles, Hypersonic missiles, Biochemicals missiles and Nuclear missiles.

Air, land and Navy missiles can only be launched from military units (missile launchers, navy destroyers, jets, etc.).
Other missiles can be launched through missile silos.​

Each missile silo has a fire rate attribute that can be upgraded by upgrading the silo. 

Player will be able to select multiple silos in order to launch multiple missiles attack on single target.

Missiles can launch one time or multiple times (constant bombing) until player\AI decide to stop bombing.

Bombing provinces raise province devastation rate, if province is at 100% devastation rate all population will be damaged and all infrastructures within the province will be destroyed.



In order to manufacture more military units and missiles, players will need related facilities.

For manufacture land units - Land military factories
For manufacture air units - Air military factories

For manufacture navy units - Navy military factories
For manufacture land\air\navy missiles - Missiles factories
For manufacture ballistic\hypersonic\biochemical\nuclear missiles - Mass destruction missiles factories.​

Each facility give production points rate, each unit need different amount of production points.

In order to manufacture units faster players will need to have more manufacture facilities.

Each country have different production rate, so ordering military units from USA will be delivered faster then ordering from Spain for example.

Each unit\missiles needs different resources in order to be built.

Manufacturing units can consume the following resources: Iron, Aluminum, Electronic chips and Uranium
If players resources do not meet the requirement of production units wont be able to be produce - so players will need either to grow their resources or decreasing the amount of units until requirement will be met.


I would be really glad to hear your opinion and feedbacks so please feel free to ask, share and make your feedback in the comments or in one of the game communities.
Thank you for reading it,

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